Gear restrictions for 2018

Gear restrictions for 2018

Communique – 2018 Gear Restrictions,  Julian Cox, Cycling SA Road Technical Commissioner (Coastal)


The National Convention and AGM of Cycling SA was due to be held by teleconference on 25 November 2017.  However, this was unsatisfactory and the meetings have been adjourned to January 2018.

One of the issues which was to be discussed was that relating to gear ratios.  As you should be aware, the gear restrictions were amended at the 2016 AGM but it was decided that the new restrictions would only be enforced from 1 January 2018.

 A resolution to reverse the decision made at the 2016 AGM is on the agenda at the 2017 AGM to be held in January 2018.   If the resolution is approved, this will have the effect that the gear restrictions for U19 and younger age categories will revert to the “old “ roll in distances, namely:

 ·        Under 11:            Equal to and not more than 6,227 metres.

·        Under 13:            Equal to and not more than 6,227 metres.

·        Under 15:            Equal to and not more than 6,626 metres.

·        Under 17:            Equal to and not more than 6,897 metres.

·        Under 19:            Equal to and not more than 7.93 metres

 As this resolution will only be debated and decided in January 2018, a decision was made at the Road Indaba held on 30 November 2017 that all Cycling SA officials WILL NOT enforce the decision made at the 2016 AGM to implement the use of new gearing until the resolution has been dealt with at the 2017 AGM.  It seems that the general consensus is that the resolution should be adopted.   

 In other words, from 1 January 2018, the old gear restrictions referred to above, will be enforced until a decision has been made at the 2017 AGM to be held in January 2018.  For the purposes of the 2018 SA National Road and Time Trial Championships to be held at the beginning of February (after the AGM), the old gear restrictions set out above will be used irrespective of the outcome of the resolution at the AGM to be held in January 2018.

 Please ensure that this communique is distributed amongst all officials in your provinces and that the information on the Cycling SA website is updated.

 In particular, with reference to the 2018 National Road and Time Trial Championships, the information in this communique is to be widely distributed so that those participating are aware of the decision.  I suggest that this be highlighted on the website, the entry form and the technical guide so that there can be no arguments at the event. 

 If this communique is unclear or anyone does not understand it, please feel free to discuss it with Wynand Pretorius or me.


 Julian Cox

Cycling SA Road Technical Commissioner (Coastal)


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