Entry list for Youth Festival

Entry list for Youth Festival

Entry list: 

Please check the date of birth for correctness.

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First Name Last Name Date of Brith * YYYY/MM/DD Cat Gender Province/Region
Aashreeq Abrahams 2002-03-18 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Jamie-Lee Abrahams 2000-07-24 Junior Female Cape Metropole
Chadwin Andrews 2000-05-10 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Mughammad Arnold 2010-05-27 U/11 Male Cape Metropole
Jonathan Bouwer 2002-08-02 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Lakenzo Britton 2006-12-11 U/13 Male Cape Metropole
Jason Bruintjies 2003-09-17 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Taminicka Carelse 2007-04-15 U/13 Female Cape Metropole
Justin Chesterton 2003-11-24 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Alexander Craddock 2002-06-12 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Dwayne Daames 2004-04-21 U/15 Male Cape Metropole
Muhammed Amien De Klerk 2006-09-09 U/13 Male Cape Metropole
Amien De Klerk 2006-09-09 U/13 Male Cape Metropole
Akhane Dyantyi 2005-03-01 U/15 Male Cape Metropole
DeVilliers Erasmus 2018-01-18 #N/A Male Cape Metropole
Berdine Erasmus 2004-09-20 U/15 Female Cape Metropole
Tamsyn Fortuin 2002-10-02 U/17 Female Cape Metropole
Wesley FREDERICKS 2001-12-15 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Lynden Dru Hill 2002-01-31 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
MIRSAB JORDAN 2001-02-22 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Denzil Kesner 2000-01-21 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Toni-Lee Lemenie 2004-08-09 U/15 Female Cape Metropole
Kayla Lubbe 2001-04-03 Junior Female Cape Metropole
Luyanda Mabhovu 2001-06-12 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Donna-Lee Martin 2003-07-13 U/17 Female Cape Metropole
Aviwe Matina 2001-02-12 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Sixolile Mavela 2001-09-08 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Brannon Miller 2001-09-10 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Enoc Mtshiselwa 2004-01-10 U/15 Male Cape Metropole
Hlumelo Ngqobongwana 2003-05-06 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Vuyolwethu Nkomo 2000-07-31 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Musheerah Phillander 2000-03-26 Junior Female Cape Metropole
Devontey Schuller 2002-04-17 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Churstey Simon 2004-01-10 U/15 Female Cape Metropole
Ziyaad Solomon 2002-04-20 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Christine Solomons 2004-08-08 U/15 Female Cape Metropole
Nathan Stuart 2002-01-30 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Avuyile Thole 2003-03-20 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Richard Torrington 2002-11-07 U/17 Male Cape Metropole
Mine van der Walt 2007-04-09 U/13 Female Cape Metropole
Jana Van der Walt 2008-11-10 U/11 Female Cape Metropole
Wikus van Niekerk 2001-12-10 Junior Male Cape Metropole
Ethan Warrin 2000-12-13 Junior Male Cape Metropole
camaron wilcox 2009-04-15 U/11 Male Cape Metropole
Sisipho Willie 2003-04-04 U/17 Male Cape Metropole


First Name Last Name Date of Brith * YYYY/MM/DD Cat Gender Province/Region
Kiera Bowker 2007-07-09 U/13 Female cape winelands
Courtney Bowker 2005-12-01 U/15 Female cape winelands
Jordan Bridger 2007-01-03 U/13 Male cape winelands
Mishka Bridger 2005-10-15 U/15 Female cape winelands
Whayde Davids 2000-07-11 Junior Male cape winelands
Miche Dipper 2002-12-02 U/17 Female cape winelands
Alex Goetham 2002-10-19 U/17 Male cape winelands
John Hattingh 2007-03-17 U/13 Male cape winelands
Peter Hattingh 2008-07-21 U/11 Male cape winelands
Tyrell Hendricks 2000-12-22 Junior Male cape winelands
Bjorn Horne 2002-07-27 U/17 Male cape winelands
Linwill Jansen 2000-04-17 Junior Male cape winelands
Anil Klaasen 2001-02-10 Junior Male cape winelands
Alchan Nelson 2002-07-15 U/17 Male cape winelands
Sameul Swart 2002-07-24 U/17 Male cape winelands
Tyrese Swartz 2003-05-03 U/17 Male cape winelands
Jo-Niel Titus 2003-11-22 U/17 Male cape winelands
Bobby Troskie 2002-10-03 U/17 Male cape winelands
Deuberin van West 2002-02-09 U/17 Male cape winelands


First Name Last Name Date of Brith * YYYY/MM/DD Cat Gender Province/Region
Ethandwa Bana 2003-05-17 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Bradley BOSMAN 2003-06-19 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Ceajay BOSMAN 2001-09-18 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Jed Bridger 2007-09-13 U/13 Male Eastern Cape
Sarah-Dawn BROWN 2007-03-30 U/13 Female Eastern Cape
Benjamin BROWN 2002-11-12 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Patrige CHIMWENDO 2002-09-21 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Ruan CLOETE 2008-11-14 U/11 Male Eastern Cape
Thokozani Dlamini 2002-11-01 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Charl DU PLOOY 2000-04-07 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Calem ESSEN 2004-04-20 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Simon FERREIRA 2004-05-27 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Ohluma Gcali 2003-03-06 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Ryno Gerber 2001-10-02 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Cinga Gobidolo 2001-10-13 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Ngcali Gobidolo 2005-04-25 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Kamva Jizani 2006-01-19 U/13 Male Eastern Cape
Christine LANGENHOVEN 2001-04-05 Junior Female Eastern Cape
Page LOTTERING 2008-08-27 U/11 Female Eastern Cape
Milani Manya 2008-11-20 U/11 Male Eastern Cape
Thina Ganga Manya 2009-04-29 U/11 Male Eastern Cape
Ashley MAYHEAD 2002-01-10 U/17 Female Eastern Cape
Phuthumani Melaphi 2001-12-24 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Raye MOOLMAN 2002-08-08 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Khotso MOTAKE 2006-08-27 U/13 Male Eastern Cape
Lihle Ngalo 2002-06-09 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Liseko NOBEBE 2005-11-07 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Nqaba Saba 2002-05-11 U/17 Male Eastern Cape
Lourens Spies 2004-09-10 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Marcell SWARTZ 2004-01-08 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Liza Ka Sikwele Tetani 2008-10-23 U/11 Male Eastern Cape
Alakhe Tshemese 2001-07-01 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Colby Watson 2004-11-30 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Lelethu WITBOOI 2004-07-29 U/15 Male Eastern Cape
Inathi Xalisa 2001-07-04 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Archie ZAKE 2000-04-04 Junior Male Eastern Cape
Willem Leon Venter 2008-10-01 U/11 Male Eastern Cape


First Name Last Name Date of Brith * YYYY/MM/DD Cat Gender Province/Region
Zack Aaron 2003-12-04 U/17 Male Eden
KERRIGHAN ARIES 2001-06-19 Junior Male Eden
SUVEENA ARRIES 2004-08-05 U/15 Female Eden
Johanru Blom 2007-05-22 U/13 Male Eden
Marlie Blom 2004-03-23 U/15 Female Eden
ANDREA BRANDT 2004-10-26 U/15 Female Eden
Hein Burger 2008-02-01 U/11 Male Eden
Carlo Coetzee 2004-07-05 U/15 Male Eden
Stephanie Coetzee 2008-03-14 U/11 Female Eden
Alissa Coetzer 2004-03-19 U/15 Female Eden
Linel Engelbrecht 2004-01-13 U/15 Female Eden
BEAYNTE GOLIATH 2006-02-11 U/13 Female Eden
JAYLIN GOLIATH 2006-06-08 U/13 Male Eden
JUWAYGEN GOLIATH 2006-11-25 U/13 Male Eden
BENINO HANS 2002-01-03 U/17 Male Eden
BREYTON HENDRICKS 2003-02-25 U/17 Male Eden
Ruben Henning 2002-10-15 U/17 Male Eden
Gita Hildebrand 2008-06-01 U/11 Female Eden
Morgan Jones 2007-04-19 U/13 Male Eden
DEHANO JONES 2001-05-22 Junior Male Eden
RYAN JOSEPHS 2001-02-07 Junior Male Eden
JACO MOUTON 2002-10-26 U/17 Male Eden
CHARLIZE MURPHY 2002-11-02 U/17 Female Eden
WADRICK PIENAAR 2002-01-28 U/17 Male Eden
Casper Pretorius 2000-07-05 Junior Male Eden
Miga Pretorius 2005-05-18 U/15 Male Eden
OLIVER PRICE 2003-09-19 U/17 Male Eden
Christian Roelofse 2009-04-16 U/11 Male Eden
Charlissa Schultz 2002-02-12 U/17 Female Eden
Chandre Schultz 2004-12-22 U/15 Female Eden
ROBERT SWART 2002-09-24 U/17 Male Eden
Louis Venter 2005-11-15 U/15 Male Eden
Sorina Venter 2003-01-07 U/17 Female Eden
HANNIE Vreken 2008-02-21 U/11 Female Eden
Reece Wheeler 2004-05-19 U/15 Male Eden




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